Why Choose Jack's Junk Removal


Why choose us? Simple! Jack’s Junk Removal has been hauling junk and debris for over 10 years now. We are a family owned establishment who proudly stands apart from the rest. Unlike other junk removal companies, Jack’s is the team you know you can trust. We take an immense amount of pride in our customer service and most of all satisfaction, just check out some of our reviews!


In the junk removal industry, it’s hard to know who you can count on! Look no further…not only are we punctual and professional, but you can feel at ease knowing that these group of junkers entering your home are here with the best of intentions. We carefully remove your unwanted items from the designated location and we do it with a smile!







We know that choosing the right junk removal company is something that our clients take their time doing. Do your research! There are three MAJOR factors you may want to ask when shopping around for junk removal companies. As a family owned business, we know what it takes and means to have these things disclosed to you upfront:

  1. ASK FOR A QUOTE: Whether the quote is in writing or verbal, make sure to specify that the rate provided, is a flat rate. Most of our competitors will tack labor, loading or dump fees after the job is completed. At Jack’s – our rates are flat fees therefore once we shake hands on a price, you can feel conformable knowing that there will NOT be any surprises upon completion of services.
  1. TRUCK DIMENSIONS: Always ask the dimensions of the truck you are being quoted on. Each company will have different size trucks, they will tell you how many yards (make sure they specify whether they are telling you ‘actual yardage or CUBIC yardage”. This makes a world of a difference! Here at Jack’s, having the largest truck in the industry – this is what makes us stand out. You get more for your money…every single time!
  1. LICENSED & INSURED: It is extremely important to ask if a junk removal company is licensed & insured. This day in age, you always want to make sure you and your home are protected from any and all liability. Jack’s Junk Removal holds a two million dollar liability policy as well as a one million dollar worker’s comp policy. We know not everyone is perfect and accidents may happen. MAKE SURE YOU & YOUR FAMILY ARE 100% PROTECTED AT ALL TIMES!